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What are gas sampling bags of Tedlar(R) film?
The bags are made from Tedlar(r) polyvinyl fluoride (PVF) film that is tough, durable, and chemically inert to
a wide range of compounds. Bags used in environmental applications typically have a 2 mil film thickness.

What is the use of gas sampling bags of Tedlar(R) film?
The bags of Tedlar(r) film can be used for a variety of applications. Applications include: indoor air
sampling, hazardous waste sites sampling, leaking underground storage tanks, stack sampling, soil gas
sampling, calibration gas blending and preparation of standards, and most other gas sampling needs.

Can gas sampling bags of Tedlar(R) film be reused?
Yes, it is possible to reuse bags for some applications. But we do not typically recommend reusing bags.
You should not reuse the bag after sampling compounds found at ppbv (parts per billion) concentrations,
reactive compounds, or compounds that are known to adhere to the surface of the bag. The bags must be
evacuated and thoroughly cleaned and flushed after each use with purified air or nitrogen before reuse.

What is the feature of your gas sampling bags of Tedlar(R) film?
All of our stock bags use our patent-pending single 2-in-1 fittings that combine the valve and septum into
one.  We offer polypropylene, stainless steel, and PTFE fittings.

Can you make the specific sizes that I require?
Yes, we can. We do offer custom sizes for bags of Tedlar(r) film. Please check with our representatives to
make sure about the sizes before you place an order
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