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Always Remember:

>    Store bags in a clean area away from potential
contamination sources.
>    Flush with purified air or nitrogen before use.
>    Never fill the bags more than 90% capacity.
>    Use a trip blank filled with zero air.
>    Do not ship bags by air in unpressurized  cargo
>    Do not use bags to collect unstable or highly  
reactive compounds.
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CEL Scientific Kynar gas sampling bags are made of 3mil or 4mil Kynar PVDF
(PolyVinyliDene Fluoride) film. Kynar is transparent, tough, durable, and has
excellent chemical resistance because of its unique properties. We can offer Kynar
bags in all sizes up to 1000L. All of our stock bags feature an eyelet and our
patent-pending single 2-in-1 fittings that combine the valve and septum into one.
We offer polypropylene, stainless steel, and PTFE fittings (please specify
preference when ordering). Contact us for custom sizes and requirements.

More about Kynar:

Kynar® is the registered trademark of Arkema Inc.'s polyvinylidene fluoride
(PVDF) resin. PVDF is a fluorinated polymer, or fluoropolymer, that is dissolved,
dispersed, foamed, and melt processed for use in a wide range of industrial and
architectural applications.

Strength and Toughness: Kynar® is extremely strong and tough by offering
an ambient temperature tensile strength at yield of 35-55 MPa (5,000-8,000 psi)
and an unnotched impact strength of 800-4270 kJ/m (15-80 ft-lbs/in).

Chemical Resistance: Kynar® resins are resistant to a wide range of chemicals,
including most acids and acid mixtures, weak bases, halogens, halogenated
solvents, hydrocarbons, alcohols, salts, and oxidants. At ambient temperatures,
PVDF homopolymers are generally resistant to chemicals with a pH up to 12. Click
here for the Chemical Resistance Chart.
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0.5 Liter Kynar Bags (Box of 10)
5'' x 9'' each
Custom Bag
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1 Liter Kynar Bags (Box of 10)
7'' x 9'' each
3 Liter Kynar Bags (Box of 10)
13'' x 9'' each
5 Liter Kynar Bags (Box of 10)
16'' x 10'' each
10 Liter Kynar Bags (Box of 10)
14.5'' x 18'' each
25 Liter Kynar Bag
26'' x 18'' each
$42.00, 5 for $185.00
50 Liter Kynar Bag
26'' x 27'' each
$68.00, 5 for $315.00
100 Liter Kynar Bag
40'' x 27'' each
$100.00, 5 for $475.00
200 Liter Kynar Bag
50'' x 36'' each
500 Liter Kynar Bag
89'' x 36'' each
1000 Liter Kynar Bag
54'' x 100'' each
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