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> 100% latex free and powder free eliminates
potential allergic reaction

> Textured surface provides strong grip for
both wet and dry applications

> Superior puncture, tear and chemical
resistance with excellent dexterity and
tactile sensitivity

> 100 gloves per box
> Powder free minimizes the risk of allergies
and eliminates powder related contamination

> Full textured surface provides superior grip
in wet or dry applications

> Smooth interior finish for easy donning and
comfortable wear

> 100 gloves per box
Gold Latex Powder Free Exam Gloves
NPF Nitrile Powder Free Exam Gloves
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Alconox Liqui-Nox Critical-Cleaning Liquid Detergent
Alconox Powdered Precision Cleaner

>Interfering-residue free



>Net Contents 1 Quart 32 Fl. Oz., 0.95 Liter)
Makes up to 25 gallons
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>Interfering-residue free

>Corrosion inhibited


>Net WT. 4LBS. (1.8 kg)
Makes Up to 52 Gallons
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